About Us



The building that Apart-Hotel Las Torres is located, was built by German engineers in the year of 1897, formerly used as a house of a German family resident in Guatemala, later in the year 1950, this heritage was converted into a family company providing hosting services to business people, students and small families. Today is a hotel based on the parameters and quality standards, considered for many customers as a very secure and offers a friendly and family atmosphere. For the privileged sector where it is located, known internationally as the “zona Viva” (living hearth) of Guatemala City, where are located big hotels chains, financial centers, shopping malls, prestigious restaurants with national and international food. Also the hotel has over twenty years of experience in service.




Our primary mission is to provide the traveler or business person traveler personal attention and privacy during their stay, in a privileged area in the “Zona Viva” of Guatemala City, the hotel has a family atmosphere, clean, welcoming and safe for our customers.


Be a leading on lodging hotel services, and establish the highest standards of comfort and quality in the privileged hospitality industry in Guatemala City, we have no competition in prices as we are the only ones we have special rates throughout the year.